KEN’S CORNER: Transcendentalism – The True American Character Reborn Within the Liberty Motion

Table of Contents KEN’S CORNER: Transcendentalism – The True American Character Reborn Within the Liberty

KEN’S CORNER: Transcendentalism – The True American Character Reborn Within the Liberty Motion

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Writer’s be aware: Liberty from Tyranny is rarely ending. For me, my eyes have been opened one night time whereas listening to an previous Ron Paul speech. I’ve talked about this earlier than, however need to admit that I solely understood a fraction of what he was so eloquently explaining. I needed to research economies, historical past, even philosophy and Theology to even begin to grasp it, and finally started to comprehend that I leaned towards a Libertarian stance. This implies smaller, non-intrusive authorities whose main goal is to insure each safety, and civil Liberty. He couldn’t, nevertheless, successfully ship that message to the American individuals, regardless of how wanted it was. A rising variety of individuals are waking as much as the truth that one thing isn’t proper, however haven’t but decided simply what that’s. Pow! Right here comes Donald J. Trump.

Nobody in my lifetime has completed extra to stir the pot of our American oligarchy, with in-your- face explanations of nation and empire constructing, and the risks of a company navy industrial advanced and banking system alliance that controls our Congress, then Donald Trump. He has, certainly, touched the minds and hearts of many working class individuals, nevertheless…

One concern, I believe, goes largely unnoticed. What we should struggle every single day, with out fail, is Liberty from Tyranny. A dying center class, the destruction of civil Liberties and the shredding of our Structure is a results of Tyranny.

Many are backing Mr. Trump as a result of they need our financial system to return, and that is high quality… however the Liberty actions’ main concern is Liberty from Tyranny. Absolutely, if authorities acquired out of the best way of free enterprise we’d have much more alternative for revenue, and dream, however that may be after the very fact, secondary, like icing on the cake. Work for Liberty first. Work to search out reality. Work to return our Civil Liberties (Invoice of Rights), and insure that nobody tramples on our Republic based mostly on Constitutional Regulation, and the American Dream will return.

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Transcendentalism: Is the ‘True American Character’ reborn within the Liberty Motion

Few writers take up the pen in reality lately. Plagiarism and a scarcity of validity are rife, the place information outlet truths are strangled by imposed taboo, and well-diagrammed schema trickle down from the very prime to the various hungry minds of the lots searching for solace.

Company owned and influenced by authorities, media skillfully crafts a manufactured reality with an imposing twist, slanted by a effectively orchestrated design. Like a flash in a pan, they use a carrot on a stick, a canine and pony present, and smoky mirrors that can assist you to neglect. Seldom is a narrative adopted to an in depth, or revisited, only a light reminiscence. There may be at all times one thing urgent, an alert every single day, to take its place… To even ask the query why, could be very uncommon, as pop-corn distractions fill the void with fixed summary fervor, creating new inquiries to displace the earlier unanswered ones. We select a facet, like Fox and Buddies, or CNN, with confidence and poise, regurgitating what little of it we bear in mind.

A lot of what might be known as present occasions are redacted with out discover by a populous taught to have a restricted consideration span, and newspapers demand their reporters write for a sixth grade training. Quickly displaced, it turns into exceedingly troublesome to get to the reality of a matter, except you examine your self. Not, if ever, are you able to belief any media outlet to be neutral, and as reality is manipulated, accuracy is pulled and pushed to suit their specific envelope. Those that push this mass of distraction apart, and drive ahead in investigation, discover that what was introduced as reality was little extra however assumptions and suppositions, dead-end substantiations that blind us like a needle in a watch. On this confusion, we can’t plan with any certainty what facet we are literally on, or formulate a volition to truly look after a lot of something however selfishness, as it’s embedded in us to belief a system that now understands us higher than we perceive ourselves….

Even for moralists who’ve traditionally chosen a facet for what they think about righteous causes, quickly understand that each side of a battle have little or no advantage, or ethical customary. They see a struggle coming, however can’t motive, for themselves, what facet they need to be on. When the time will come, as they’re instructed it should, authority will inform them when and the place to die.

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We’re instructed from the black field that battle is looming; one other chilly battle with Russia… and that world economies are failing. Between mass shootings, we get a glimpse of a disintegrating EU, how black males hate white males and all cops too. We see a disingenuous love-hate relationship with the UN, however can’t appear to motive why… as few will take the time to truly view the conferences on C-span. We now have data at our fingertips, and but, we appear to be floundering in ignorance and apathy. Our southern oil-field financial system is disintegrating earlier than our eyes, as our so-called pal, Saudi Arabia, floods the market, for years, with low-cost oil… supposedly to bankrupt OUR enemies. Solely downside with that’s our oilfield infrastructure, in America, is destroyed too, together with America’s capability to be vitality unbiased, for a few years to return.

Crimson tape, and black dots

Every little thing is related on this ever-shrinking world group, and it appears now, as central financial institution tentacles attain into each nook and cranny, that what we do to a different has a powerful repercussion that bites again. Some name it blow-back, some retribution, and others karma, as what you sow, so too will you reap.

Libya’s Qaddafi is a living proof, the place he designed his authorities to guard his foreign money from debt, and owed nothing to the central financial institution poised like a fats tick in his infrastructure. Simply earlier than he turned an enemy, he vied to have his foreign money based mostly on gold. He’s lifeless. One thing standing by itself two toes is not going to be tolerated by the powers that be, and this could concern all People to the very core. If we pull again from our grasp’s central financial institution, audit the Federal Reserve, look into Fort Knox, and try to print our personal cash once more based mostly on silver or gold, will they homicide us too? It’s a wake-up name on the cusp of foreclosures, and we belief, and belief, in a time of reckoning.

Firms too massive to fail, and banks, too massive to fail, are protected by the Federal Reserve. Nothing however an organization, it has a contract that provides it extra energy than even our congress, and all of us, each nation world wide, feels the lash of debt slavery. We’re witnessing the most important switch of sources (tangible wealth), and energy, within the surviving historic file… a file at present being rewritten by them.

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Transcendentalism, our founder’s customary.

The hope of America’s unique ideology, Transcendentalism, is not taught in authorities colleges… and for a motive.

Henry David Thoreau wrote: “The mass of males lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with a track nonetheless in them.” ..and I’ve usually questioned simply what he was attempting to inform us. A lot of our ancestors tried to clarify the risks we’d face, and that the present we have been being given was a treasure no nation has ever had earlier than. It was one thing so profound; individuals from world wide flocked right here to embrace the idea, and to hunt their goals. They risked their fortune, their very lives, and it was known as: Liberty from Tyranny.

These phrases of Thoreau above, fill me with an excellent unhappiness and dread, as he has put the finger of his thoughts to my coronary heart. All of us, as is our human nature, depending on reality to search out our manner in a darkish world… We search to sing our personal track in a humanity of suppression, condescension, and myopia, and have refused the very weapon, the exact device we have to insure our success. It’s known as our Structure. We aspire on this life, all of us, to need one thing higher than the grind of meaningless mediocrity, and that’s the American Dream. His guide: “On Civil Disobedience.” is masterfully constructed and designed to present us a motive for being Patriots, and it’s well-hidden…

His pal Emerson, one other American author, additionally speaks to Thoreau’s private want (and his projection to the remainder of society) for one thing higher than the each day drudge of our present lives. I can’t say that Thoreau ought to be thought-about a political author, however he gave us a profound thought that stuffed the thoughts of our ancestors with a burning want.

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Although their writings have been thought-about depressive, by some readers, in research there may be additionally a tremendous hope discovered there that may invariably mild our manner.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “As soon as making a decision, the universe conspires to make it occur.” and “The one particular person you might be destined to turn out to be is the particular person you resolve to be.” …fills me with an excellent hope. You see, this struggle for Liberty from Tyranny is certainly an historic idea, and it might probably solely present itself right here in America if it turns into understood by sufficient individuals to present a powerful opposing voice. To me, those that couldn’t perceive the complexities of Ron Paul, are actually clinging to the phrases of Donald Trump, and these determined People Thoreau knew very effectively, as he had that very same fireplace, that very same want in his coronary heart. Donald Trump has opened Pandora’s Field, laying bear the true causes for the high quality mess we discover ourselves in at this time, and as soon as out of that field, they’ll by no means, ever return.  A worthy concept is rarely forgotten. It could flounder by the oppressive nature of society, however will finally discover its method to mild. That’s our hope.

An idea these American writers wrought, could assist us to return collectively for this nice widespread explanation for Liberty, and it’s known as Transcendentalism. It’s an American Philosophy. You see, what offers the Liberty motion its true power, and its tooth… is the comprehension that the world round us “transcends” and goes past what we are able to see, hear, style, or contact, and is, in some respect, a type of instinct. It’s the motive our Forefathers instructed us that our Civil Liberties can’t be mandated by authorities, however are a present for God… It’s akin to one thing like an instinct, based mostly on religion… and that each our widespread and particular person destinies aren’t certain by what’s taught to be logical and even what we motive with our senses. In different phrases, early People felt that there’s something higher than themselves, one thing worthy to aspire to, with a belief in themselves to be their very own authority on what is correct. It’s a idea so highly effective that they’d even sacrifice their very lives to safeguard it, and that’s the energy of the Liberty motion.

That’s what has separated America from the entire dictatorships, Socialistic, Nationalistic, Communistic/Marxism which have plagued our world, and that treasured and unique American idea is most harmful to the elite who wish to dominate and management us from cradle to grave. We should rediscover this most treasured present, given to us by the toil, blood and love of our founding fathers, but additionally their mind, and take this county again. At this second in our American historical past, solely the hope of Donald Trump can fulfill that.

To be clear, let me say this one other manner: Far left, Progressive Social Engineers try to destroy this idea, an idea that has made us the veritable envy of the world. We, from the onset of our Structure, realized that we the individuals can aspire nice issues, as a result of all of us maintain in us one thing higher than ourselves, ready to flee, to manifest, and we, as a individuals, from each creed, nationality and colour, can attain out for any dream. Our future is ours. It doesn’t belong to authorities.

With out reality, there may be nothing to venerate. We sit on the cusp of an abyss with a backside we can’t see, and so determined to avoid wasting the America we as soon as knew, for our posterity, we worry that our voice is simply too weak to make a distinction. We should stand collectively, united in the usual that was handed to us earlier than it was stolen. I’m telling you now, it’s NOT too late. All you need to do is say NO! We is not going to undergo an oligarchy. We’re a Republic, of and by the individuals. You don’t mandate my Liberty, that sir, is given to me by God.

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Who’re we? Let’s think about this…

We’re alleged to have a Republic based mostly on Constitutional Regulation, not a Democracy. Learn the Federalist Papers, as they knew that Democracy has by no means existed… that it has at all times morphed into mob rule, or a dictatorship. Now there are those that say we’re a Constitutional Democracy, however except we embrace the phrase Republic, our true safeguard to Liberty, that description of America is missing. We’re within the Liberty motion, not the liberty motion, and our founders instructed us that full freedom may by no means exist, as there are those that will abuse it… and that’s the reason we’ve legislation.

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Liberty from Tyranny is a lofty and concise objective, that may be reached, and maintained with vigilance. Accept nothing that’s not for the great of America, from the lies we discover on tv, newspapers, magazines, music, films, and our authorities establishments, and struggle again by not taking part. Don’t purchase it, or into it, and it’ll disappear. You see, cash makes the world go spherical… Paradoxically, as Thoreau usually identified, “society” is de facto the sum of all individuals, so the suppression of our inside needs are primarily a results of our personal doing. We will management exterior influences by controlling ourselves, as he so effectively articulated: “We now have met the enemy, and he’s us.”

“God bless America. And should you can however grant only one factor above all else… please give us extra IQ.” -Ken LARive 1989 diary


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Ken LaRive

From the Writer, Ken La Rive – We within the Liberty motion have been preventing to take again this nation for lower than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and nation in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a mess of distractions, additional eroding our nation and the trigger for Liberty. And so, as we’re pulled by forces we can’t fathom, highly effective entities with limitless sources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of skinny air and placed on our backs as debt, we should formulate essentially the most pitiful of all questions any patriot would possibly ask within the remaining hour: Are we going to struggle for our grasp’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Structure? Are we going to decide on The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will or not it’s a battle for company revenue, or a battle to regain our capability to self govern, because the blood and toil of our forefathers introduced to us, their kids, as a present? I worry that call is emanate. I worry that any choice will probably be a tough one, however my biggest worry of all is that the choice has already been made for us.


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